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Young people are spending more time indoors than ever before.

Spending time indoors limits young people’s social integration, reduces their physical activity and further alienates their interaction with nature. This results in the young people leading sedentary lifestyles which contribute to challenges such as obesity and mental health issues.


Giving young people the opportunity to be active and get outside will improve their mental and physical wellbeing.


Our mission is to promote physical, mental and cognitive wellbeing in young people through rock climbing.


We encourage young people to find creative solutions to physical and mental challenges while subconsciously developing cognition, strength, balance, and motor skills.



Safety first and safeguarding in line with industry standards.

For all young people to have access to rock climbing. 


Fun, creative, age-appropriate experiences driven by a passion for climbing. 


Transformative experiences that engender the the intrinsic benefits of rock climbing. 


Impactful action that contributes to the social and environmental good of the community.

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