Importance Of Physical Activity For Children

Children need to be active every day to promote their healthy growth and development. Kids who establish healthy lifestyle patterns at a young age will carry them - and their benefits - forward for the rest of their lives.

According to Canada’s Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living for Children, flexibility is one of the different types of activities that promote healthy growth and development alongside endurance and strength.

Being flexible promotes good posture, reduces muscle stiffness and soreness, increases relaxation and minimises risk of injury. For kids, activities that encourage them to bend, stretch and reach should be part of an overall, daily physical activity routine.

In addition to helping kids cope with stress, regular physical activity promotes:

  • Healthy physical growth and development

  • Better self-esteem

  • Stronger bones, muscles and joints

  • Better coordination, balance, posture and flexibility

  • A stronger heart

  • A healthier weight management

  • Learning new skills while having fun

  • Better focus and concentration during school

  • Cognitive development

  • Better mental health

  • Social skills development

  • Better sleep and energy levels

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