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Rockpoint Climbing uses quality experiential and climbing-based programs to transform the lives of young people. 
We work with schools, youth-program organizations, religious institutions, families, and individuals to offer rock climbing that meet the goals and objectives of that group or person. 
These programs are not just about having fun outdoors; they are about positive individual and group development. They’re about building social and character skills, forming teams, and transforming people’s views of themselves and their abilities.


Climbing Program

Young climbers are motivated to learn essential rock climbing skills and techniques through fun, enjoyment and challenge in age-appropriate programs within a safe environment. The program focuses on gaining the physical and cognitive benefits of rock climbing as they improve their climbing prowess.

Climbing Progam

Climbing Walls

Are you interested in having a climbing wall in your home/ institution?

Climbing Walls

Group Activities

The Inkajijik is a versatile location to host a wide array of group activities. 

  • Birthdays

  • Team building activities

  • Family fun days

Group Activities

Portable Wall Hire

Our portable climbing wall is ideal for private and corporate events.

Portable Wall Hire
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